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Or "Gray", however you wish to spell it. Just wondering out of curiosity!

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UPDATE: The sequel has been confirmed! There are two new games coming out called... Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2! Kyurem has 2 new forms and they are sequels rather than remakes.
Released June 2012 in Japan.
See my news post for more information.

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The next Pokemon game would be released September 2012 in Japan (March 2013 everywhere else). The first games in every generation are always out for at least 2 years before the next one comes out.

It may be a third game in Unova aka "Pokemon Grey", but equally it could be Ruby/Sapphire remakes. Whichever one is not released will be out a year later. There is a Nintendo 3DS conference next week that may reveal some information (although this may just be the new add-on to the 3DS itself).

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will they be the same starters?
each region is out for 2 years, so grey will probably come sonner than 2013, maybe RSE remakes come out then idk.
No, the first game in a region is 2 years, then 1 year for 3rd game, then 1 year for remake. Example: D/P = Sept 2006, Plat = Sept 2008, HG/SS = Sept 2009.
There's going to be a pokemon game this year, 2013, and it's called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. It has 3D mechanics and it's for the 3DS
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The rumored Pokemon Grey is not confirmed to be realised at all, Pokemon Rumble Blast is the next pokemon game coming out.
Pokemon Grey will probably come out, same with R/S/E remakes, but Pokemon/Game Freak/ Nintendo has not confirmed it.

will u be able to catch melotta genesect and keledeo ?
Probably, yes.
Or you will be able to get them using Nintendo Wifi connection maybe.
but since they haven't even said they are coming out, they haven't given any information about this either so we can not know, but as i said probably yes.
i know how to catch keledeo in black and white
It is not possible to get Meloetta along with Genesect and Keldeo because they haven't been officially realised by Nintendo yet.
You can only get them currently by hacking.
my friend gave them to me
This isn't the first time you say that, not sure if i believe you anymore.