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Ev's: Speed: somewhere around 13-16 Sp. Def: 3 HP: 4 SpA: 1

Elekid (♂) Level 11
Somewhat stubborn.
Timid Nature
Stats: HP: 31/31
Atk. 18
Def. 16
Sp. Atk. 22
Sp. Def. 20
Speed 29

HP type is Psychic

Lotad's Ev's: Haven't trained it yet
Often dozes off.
Modest Nature
Lotad (♂) Level 5
Atk. 8
Def. 8
SpA. 11
SpD. 10
Speed 9

HP type is Rock.

If you can help, please give suggestions for both pokemon! If I need IV's, please tell me and I will do so! Thanx!

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IVs please
I don't really have exact IV's, but I have a range. What should I do to find exact
I saw SF's Old question on his Cofagrigus' HP, i'm taking some of his ideas.
To tell they need to be about lvl 50 or Lvl 100
thanx SF

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Sorry but it's impossible to tell. You need to know the exact IVs and EVs of the Pokemon. The best thing is to save your game then teach HP and try it out to see how much damage it does. There is also a guy who will tell you the type.

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