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Okay, so whenever I go on the GTS, about 9/10 of ALL of the people say something like,"Zekrom/Reshiram Level 9 and under". How is this possible?

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GTS is full of troll hackers that spam offers with hacked Pokemon.
Don't take them too seriously.
They sould not even put it up.

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People who use AR and/or other cheating devices can get level 1 legendaries. The people who request them just want to show off and they dont want to trade their pokemon.

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Only through modding, people like to ev train at low levels to fully customize their pokemon

also, through a glitch, your pokemon that needs to evolve through trading, ie boldore, if you put it in for a trade, then take it out, it evolves. low level legendaries offers are extremely rare and reduce the chances of their pokemon being traded away. (credits to pokemaster on this one)
What's modding?
Modding/hacking/cheating. The use if 3rd party programs to produce pokemon.
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Another reason why is because some people are trying to clone either their Pokemon or item that that Pokemon is holding. Cloning is a difficult process; there's always a chance that you could lose whatever Pokemon that you're trying to clone.

One more thing to take into account is that some people are probably ignorant enough to think that if the option is available or that if other people are requesting them, that outrageous request is obtainable even though it should be painfully obvious that it isn't.