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I have a level 50 girl Zoroark and a level 40 Ditto in the daycare. The guy says they get along and I assume they will produce an egg because I have gone back the next day and he is still saying the same thing. Now here's the catch - I have waited about a week for my egg to come and I have checked out and re-checked in my Zoroark and Ditto every time I have visited the day care, and there is no egg there. Is this a glitch or simply because they are not producing offspring?
Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry if it's not clear.


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Every 256 steps(I think) there is a chance for an egg to be produced. Maybe you haven't been taking enough steps to produce the egg. Try riding your bike around on Route 3, and when near the day care man, and if there is an egg, he'll say something, telling you to go to him to receive your egg.

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Thank you, it's just a bit hard to count steps now because they've replaced the Poketch with the C-Gear. :)
if you have any max repels they last 250 steps so when is runs out only 6 steps