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i see them alot, are they actual competitve matches?


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No, they aren't actual competitive matches, they are just teams based around the move Trick Room
It's a lot like Rain teams and Sun teams, they aren't a certain division, just a type of team basing around a simple strategy.

Example: A Rain team, is a team of pokemon made up to work in better condition when the Rain condition is in effect.

So if it's raining in the battle field, it would benefit pokemon that have abilities that are only used in rain, ( Swift Swim, Dry Skin, Etc. ) , Water moves in general, and some pokemon with weakness to fire.

Well, in Trick Room teams, your main goal is to get a group of slow pokemon, who are slow because some of, or all of their other stats are total bosshood ( Or really really good in simpler words ) and to keep Trick room in effect to benefit them.