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hi! I was just wandering if there were any good trick room Pokemon for VGC 2021. I need 2 more. Any ideas?

Melmetal, perhaps
Thanks i will try my gmax one when its legal!
Thanks! I will try some of these on showdown.
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SOmEoNe to play vgc 2021 with?
In all honesty tho maybe we should play sometime

Alright I'll assume you mean trick room Pokemon, not trick room setters.

  • Rhyperior
    Personally, I like rhyperior the most even tho its probabaly the worst here :P. It has solid rock as well as low speed and high attack, making it a good candidate for trick room. It is common with a weakness policy set and solid rock lets it take hits better.

  • Glastrier
    Seen this one a lot. It has very good bulk as well as low speed and high attack, with the amazing ability chilling neigh, similar to moxie. Being able to get an attack boost on a ko is very helpful. It's common sets have a weakness policy as well.

  • Conkeldurr
    Scoring as one of the highest attack stats for non-legendaries Conkeldurr gets low speed, decent physical bulk, high attack, and 3 amazing abilities, those being guts, iron fist, and sheer force. Guts boost close combat does huge damage as well. Normally it carries a flame orb for guts, but every once in awhile you'll get an assault vest and iron fist/sheer force set. I prefer guts though.

  • Hatterene
    Low speed, decent bulk, and high special attack, hatterene cam even setup it's own trick room. It also has a gigantamax form that actually has a decent gmax move, gmax smite, which confuses opponents. It's often paired with a Pokemon like indeedee, who can setup psychic surge and has follow me support, which can lead into a devestating combo.

  • Torkoal
    It sets up sun and has eruption, and can deal huge spread damage and clean up with ease. It has good physical bulk, a good ability, and decent sp attack.

  • Stakataka
    It can also setup it's own trick room, and a beast boost with body press can quickly boost it's damage. It also gets Gyro Ball and rock slide, the first being very strong because of its low speed and stab, the second being stab spread damage.

Obviously, there are lots more, but here are some to think through. If you want sets or trick room setters, comment and I'll add them.
Hope this helps!