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Joltik. Normally I hate bugs but this thing is cute.


I like Caffine hehehehe

Nature: Timid
Ability: Compound eyes
Role: Special sweeper
Item: Focus-sash

Charge-beam: STAB+Boosting
HP(Ice): Coverage
Energy-ball: Coverage
Bug-buzz: STAB

Named so because of its hyper look.
i would add a move thats electric type like electro nest or anything that stuns.hope you like this answer and helps you
Electro Nest?????
Charge-beam is better because it boosts S.Attack.
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Joltik can be really deadly if used properly. I play him as a support that can toxic, spider web to unable enemy switch. Also i have volt switch to quikly escape after my previous combo, beacouse Jolitk has really low HP. Also, have a stong offensive move like Bug Buzz or Poison Jab if you are forced to fight.

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I like this moveset:

Nature: Any
Item: Eviolite
Ability: Unnerve (prevent Pokemon from doing the rest and wake berry trick)
Bug Buzz (STAB)
Bug Bite (Take berries from Pokemon) or Charge beam (supported by eviolite) or Electro ball
Thunder wave (Paralyze threats)
Giga drain (Health)

I am tired of Pokemon using rest and waking up with a berry so I use my Joltik to make sure that NEVER happens. I use the bug bite to take berries (Shuppet with frisk tells me if a berry is seen).
I use my thunder wave to paralyze big threats or just to help my team Pokemon. I use my Giga drain to heal my cute joltik so it can live on and to deal damage to the enemy. I use my bug buzz to do the murdering (self explanatory). I use my Joltiks timid nature as a speedy advantage and I use my eviolite to raise my defence and special defence.

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