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On the Sinnoh Map (Platinum), there is a orange dot moving around on the map when I fly on my Crobat. What is it?

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That is where you have recently been. If you go from Heart home to Solaceon for example by biking then it will show the dot moving there and back. Why? For what purpose? I have no idea only game freak knows.

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That orange dot your talking about is called a Relocation Scanner which allows you to view the area you have recently passed by. Example: You are in Sunyshore City and you want to go to Victory Road. You head north across the sea and you then reach Victory Road. You let a Pokemon use Fly and when you look on the Sinnoh Map, you can see that the Relocation Scanner is going in the same direction as you just did. Basically, its not much help.

Hope this helps!

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