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in my Pokemon pearl version I struck a thing that I wanted to investigate randomly, this was the size of the sinnoh region.
so what I did first was...
1# I went to the route to the left of hearthome and down from solaceon town were I counted the steps from one side of the route closest to hearthome,to the end of the route were the old spiritomb structure is I counted 52 steps and looked at my map.
i moved to squares.
2# I then counted the amount of squares long and high, I cannot quite remember the exact amount of squares.

after I found out the squares, I did the maths to find how long the sinnoh region is and come up with these numbers:
around 700 long and 5 or 6 hundred high.
so, lets say that every step is one meter (im australian, its about 3 feet in america.)
then the sinnoh region is lets then one kilometer long and just over half a km high! ( 1.6 kilometers= one mile)
i know that sinnoh is based on northern japan ( and japan is small) but that distance significantly smaller then were I live which is here (i think that this information will not count as personal details)
what is this nonsense?!
yours indubitably,

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Just to put this in perspective, the island of Hokkaido (on which Sinnoh is based) is 83 thousand square kilometres in area. So Sinnoh's size is definitely out of proportion in that regard.

Everything in Pokemon is scaled small, and it has to be for the games to flow well. Imagine if the game was scaled exactly like Hokkaido? The areas would be absolutely massive and likely incredibly bland/ repetitive to navigate, and the actual development of the game would be incredibly difficult. (If not, impossible, given the DS cartridge's size capacities.) Perhaps they could have filled Hokkaido's area with new cities and towns, but then the same development issues would arise; that and the game would be so lengthy that it'd get boring very quickly.

If you continue comparing Hokkaido to Sinnoh, its proportion differs in many more ways than just area. Jubilife City, which is based on the city of Sapporo, has ~120 citizens. Sapporo has almost two million. They're just not the game thing. Sinnoh is Hokkaido heavily modified to fit into a game. It's a bit silly to compare them in this way at all, really.

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thank you, that was an indubitably awsome answer.