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You Mean What Is Better Torterra Or Empoleon.

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Torterra Is A Great Pokemon It Learns Earthquake At Level 32 And Is Pretty Much Useful But Empoleon Is Even
Stronger. Empoleon Is A Special Giant And You Could Make A Great Moveset Out Of It And Thanks To It's Secondary
Typing Steel Empoleon Is Really Useful And Steel Was To OP Having A Lot Resistences. So I Recommend You Empoleon It's A Great Pokemon But It's Not To Offensive And Much More Defensive But With This Moveset It's Offensive And
Defensive Too And It Also Have A Cool Design And Also Here's A Nickname For It - Emperor Or Queen If It's A Female Or You Could Just Give It A Royal Nickname And Here's The Moveset -

Ability: Torrent
- Drill Peck - To Counter Fighting Types.
- Surf - STAB
- Flash Cannon - STAB
- Ice Beam - Ice Type Coverage.

Ability: Overgrow
- Earthquake - STAB
- Wood Hammer - STAB - Requires A Heart Scale.
- Rock Slide - To Counter Flying Types.
- Leech Seed/Rock Polish/Curse - The Old Seed Strategy.

Hope You Liked It.

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Curse and rock polish are both better moves than leech seed. They let Torterra solo every gym leader before Candice, and rock polish lets it solo Flint.
Ok It's His Choice To Chose Between Them And Thanks Mention Those I Totally Forgot Those But Still Leech Seed
Is A Good Move It Saved Me A Ton Of Times. Source - My Experience
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(im gonna assume you are asking about torterra and empoleon, but tell me if I'm wrong)

torterra and empoleon is definitely good Pokemon, but I have to give the edge to empoleon

reason I choose empoleon:
1. in terms of attack, empoleon have 111 spc.attack and 86 attack while torterra have 109 attack and 75 spc.attack
2. torterra definitely wins against empoleon in terms of movepool, but the empoleon movepool could still worked out
3. empoleon has 9 resistance, 1 immunity, and 3 weakness
4. in defense they probably tied with torterra having 105 defense and 85 spc.defense and empoleon 101 spc.defense and 88 defense

Hope I helped!

its pretty sad that my answer is choosing empoleon is the second best sinnoh starter, and my favorite sinnoh starter is torterra. torterra is the best sinnoh starter in favorite sinnoh starter
yes you are right i said non infernape sinnoh starter so it is torterra and empoleon