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i'm actually thinking of saving the master ball for the toughest pokemon. So i need some help.

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You can catch Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, and Lugia in Crystal. While Ho-oh and lugia are technically the strongest of these guys, keep in mind Raikou and Entei are roaming legendaries, so they will try to run away when you try to battl them. That said, I suggest you save your master ball for one of those two; Suicune, Ho-oh, and Lugia can all be caught in a full on battle, but those other two are a bit more frustrating catch without the master ball. The fast ball can also help catch the other.

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ok. How do i evade roar which entei and raikou have in crystal?
You can use mean look to trap them, followed by a sleep move like hypnosis. That's probably the most reliable way to do it since taunt wasn't made yet. You only have to worry about it for one of them, fortunately.
what do u mean by only one? Both entei and raikou have roar right?
They both have roar, yes, but you'll have the master ball to catch one of them, so you would only have to worry about roar once.