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Chimchar, Nidoran, Vulpix, Poliwag, Totidile, Slowpoke, Dratini, Torchic, and Sableye. I have only gone to island of dreams once and all I got was a spoink and I was forced into the haunted house thing. Is there a way to choose where you go? Is there a special place you can go to find these Pokemon?


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Vulpix can be found in the Pleasant Forest when you have over 10,000 points,the same goes for Poliwag.
Nidoran can (both genders) can normally (from the start) be found in the Pleasant Forest.
Slowpoke and Dratini can both be found in the Sparkling Seawhich is unlocked after you get over 5,000 points (you need over 10,000 points for Dratini).
Sabeleye is found in the Spooky Manor,which is available from 28th of September 2011
You cannot get Chimchar yet
> On October 29th 2010, if you purchase the new Pokémon BW TCG Starter sets, you will get a password.. These passwords, once entered into the Global Link, will give you access to the Sinnoh Starters.

and that event was only in Japan
The same goes for Torchic,except you had to buy the Pokemon BW guide
Totodile hasn't been released yet.
To see a list of released Pokemon with DW abilities either through the Dream World or events,you can go here and here.