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Well, I need a Accelgor with the ability Unburden, but I never was able to get into the Dream World and I reallly don't know much about the Dream World itself. So I got a couple questions but they're basicly dumb compared to some of the other questions here. But anyway, here they are:

1.) I can't find a link to the Dream World and I would like some step-by-step advice to get there and how to find Accelgor.

2.) Can I breed Accelgor with a Ditto to get a Shelmet with Umburden as the ability?

3.) I know that you can decorate a house and raise pokemon and all that stuff, but what is all the stuff you can do?

P.S. I relise this is a very stupid question, but I don't get it at all.

Thanks in advance

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  1. http://en.pokemon-gl.com/ if you have an account press dream world if not make an account.
  2. Yes you can.
  3. A.decorate house in exchange for berrys
    B.plant berrys
    C.visit the isle of dreams (where find pokemon
    D.there is a shelf i forgot what its called but you can put items on you dont want and can swap
    E.at the isle of dreams you can take 10paths and there is a chance to find pokemon and berrys on each path if you find a pokemon you will do a minigameif you win the minigame you can get(after the 10 paths) the pokemon (you can only take one) if you loose it goes away
but as uberpwnge said karablast isnt avalible through dw yet
It's called the Share Shelf
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Sorry to say, but Karrablast is NOT available in the Dream World at this time.

Only females pass down Hidden Abilities. They need to hold an Everstone and 60% of the time, they will pass it down. Also, the Dream World is programmed to give more male pokemon than females.

So, good luck in future endeavors

This site should help


Uh-huh.  But it's Shelmet that evolves into Accelgor.  I don't think it matters whether Karrablast is available in the Dreamworld or not.
Actually, according to Bulbapedia, Shelmet is/will be availible in the Dream World in the Pleasant Forestif you have Black or White 2. However, it is not known how many Dream Points you have to have.
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Overall question:
Nope. As far as I'm aware, neither Shelmet nor Accelgor is available through the Dreamworld. That said, a few sites I've been looking at (Serebii, Bulbapedia) say that Accelgor's Unburden ability is available. It may be a similar thing to Musharna; that one's Dreamworld ability is available only because it is available on Fridays in a secret part of the Dreamyard in the game itself. It might be a similar thing with Accelgor.

Now onto your other questions:

1) go to http://www.pokemon.com/ and register an account. Have you done? If so go to http://pokemon-gl.com and put in the username and password you chose at the official pokemon website. Now you get to choose a different name to be known by there.

It's to do with security; no-one who interacts with you in the Dreamworld will be able to tell your sign-in name there, so they won't be able to hack you.

So, done? Right, now it's time to register a game card with the Dreamworld. The site will ask for a Game Sync ID when you first log in, or ask to register a Game Card, so pull up your DS, put in your Black or White gamecard and get to the bit where it asks if you want to get a Mystery Gift, continue, and so on. Don't continue yet; you want one of the options here.

Go down to 'Game Sync Settings' on the Mystery Gift, New game, etc. list and the game will ask if you want to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Choose 'yes', and wait a while. When the number comes up, copy it into the Game Sync ID box on your computer browser.

Now you're on the Dream World.

Question 2: No. If you breed a Dreamworld pokemon with a DITTO you LOSE the ability. If you breed a MALE Dreamworld pokemon with ANYTHING, you lose the ability. Only FEMALES can PASS ON ABILITIES, but NOT WITH A DITTO.

Yes, yes. Caps make it look like I'm shouting, but I don't know what type of code this thing takes to accentuate writing. I'm not even sure whether I can edit, since I came on specifically to answer this.

On to question 3: The most useful thing the Dreamworld lets you do is access Berries. Wanna reset your Uber pokemon's stats so you can use the Effort Values elsewhere? Find the requisite Berry, plant lots, water them, then transfer them to your game with Game Sync. They'll turn up at the entralink.
Want a Poison Recover Gliscor for a really mean team member? Find it in the Dreamworld by playing a minigame, and send it to your game by making a wish at the tree. It'll turn up at the Entralink when you use Game Sync.
Want items and stuff you can't find anywhere else?

Well, you get the idea.