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I want to defeat the canalave gym leader in pokemon pearl, but im not to sure that my pokemon are a high enough level. My highest level pokemon is level 40.
Empoleon-lv 40
luxray-lv 39
buneary-lv 31
Azumarill-lv 30
ponyta-lv 30
Girafarig-lv 27
Staravia-lv 26
Pichu-lv 20

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Byron's pokemon are:
Bronzor - lv 36
Steelix - lv 36
Bastiodon - lv 39

Only two of your pokemon are close to that. You chould try and level up your lower pokemon so they are all around level 35+.

Although, Empoleon can probably take out most of the pokemon because of the ground and rock weakness. Definitely level up Ponyta to get a fire advantage. It also evolves to Rapidash at level 40 so will be way stronger then.

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I would level up your weak pokemon first. I don't think it really matters that much what level your pokemon are though because it is all about your strategy. Bring items in that will help heal you pokemon. Also give all of your pokemon a held item. If you want it to be really easy train empoleon up a few levels and completly whipe him out with him.