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Since Misty visited Ash in the Battle frontier episodes and May visited Ash in the diamond/pearl episodes, does that mean Dawn is going to be in the Black & White episodes?

(I live in England, which i think is the last to get the latest episodes)

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I know this was asked about a year ago, but I thought I'd update the answer. Hope thats okay. Its just for anyone else who's wondering.

I was asking myself the same question and it is confirmed, Dawn comes to visit Ash in Unova; bringing a glimpse of the outside region's Pokemon, defiantly creating hype in the region. (SPOILERS) And she gets to meet Meloetta!!! Not to mention another subject for the ever-curious Cilan to investigate. ;P
Exciting, right? I'm totally esthetic about it.

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Where did you get this info from?
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she does go to unova and she starts traveling with ash also

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So Far Dawn has not appeared in the Unova region, but May and Misty returned later in the series, so that means Dawn might appear later in a different season of pokemon Black & White so lets just wait and see what happens...

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