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The world may never know. Maybe since the other girl trainers visited in the last regions, that would have to make Dawn come, pretty much. Maybe it turns out that Dawn likes Ash or something. Who knows. I haven't watched the last two episodes since I have been at my aunt's for about two weeks. (They don't have internet.)Overall, maybe Dawn will want to catch some new Pokemon, like Meloetta. I do know that she will encounter it the Pokemon. But I don't know if she catches the Pokemon. I'm in the U.S. so I don't know if the show is out.

What I know:
1. She comes to the Unova.
2. She encounters a legendary Pokemon.

What I don't know:
1. What team she might have.
2. If she catches the legendary.
3. If she likes Ash. =P

I hope this helps! :)

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I stopped watching the anime. Iris made me crack.
I can see that.
I don't really like Iris.
Dawn will NEVER fall in love with ASH. that is MAY'S JOB! get it? got it? GOOD!
Yeah, i get a little psychotic when it comes to DAWN (Ugh) and Ash, but that only 'cause I hate Dawn so freaking much. she doesn't even DESERVE to EXIST. she can't fight to save her LIFE. MAY is a better battler than her, and she does contests TOO. heck, MISTY could out-battle Dawn ANY-DAY. Dawn has SO MANY flaws i can't even list them all. she disgusts me.
Omg stop rage cheren
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Dawn does not catch meloetta

Dawn team so far in Unova


now Dawn,Iris,Cilan and Ash went to the island of onix to find the shiny onix and who ever found it can make a wish and the all wish to win the Pokemon World Tournament.
i don't know if Dawn likes Ash

NO NO NO! Dawn does NOT love Ash. MAY does. there is SO MUCH more evidence for Advance-Shipping than that DISGUSTING pearl-shipping. i don't even KNOW why Ash puts UP with Dawn, let alone TRAVEL with that blue-haired freak. if I were Ash, i would ditch Dawn RIGHT AWAY, in the RUDEST way possible.