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my planned moveset for blastoise goes with the wide lens for more accuracy.
focus blast
hydro pump
rock slide

thanks to fate itself (user) he reminded me that im walled out by jellicent. appart from bite what can i do?

Depends. What generation are we talking?

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If you are asking what moves Blastoise can learn that are super-effective against Jellicent then they are: Fling, Bite, and Hidden-power(Electric/Grass/Ghost/Dark). If you want to know moves that would be useful on Blastoise that could help counter Jellicent then..

Running a Physical set: You could go Physical tank will Blastoise and have him Learn Earthquake which would hit Jellicents lower Defensive stat for some strong neutral damage. Though watch out for Will-o-wisp.

Running Toxic: Probably the better of the two. Have Toxic and stall him to death.

Though Blastoise is not a very good counter to Jellicent in the first place. I would suggest having another Pokemon on your team to get rid of it. Physical based Grass/Electric/Ghost/Dark Types are the best choice for handling Jellicent.

I would like to inform you that, that moveset is not very good for Blastoise at all. Blastoise is a defensive Pokemon you have a sweeper set. Also Wide lens will not make those moves that accurate: Focus-blast and Blizzard are 77% acc with wide lens still not good, Hydro-pump goes to 88% acc which is good but not amazing, Rock-slide goes to 99% which is good acc. Try looking here for good Blastoise sets http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4913/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-blastoise

only 88? i thought it would be better than that... and its just my blastoise is special based. but thanks for the advice! :)
oh. i tried the hidden power (my blastoise is grass apparantly) and it works! i also replaced blizzard with ice beam for more accuracy and i whooped someone in a triple battle! then they quit at the end before it even counted. coward. -_-
Yeah wide lens boosts acc by 10% so it is not a lot.
ok. so ive gone with ice beam, hydro pump, focus blast and grass hidden power. i equipped the expert belt so i can beat dragons easier.
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You could use Toxic, it'll take a little while but it will eventually kill Jellicent.

Hey...that might help. thanks! ill consider it. :)
i would go with

ice beam
hydro pump/hydro cannon
skull bash