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I really like shinys but cant find out how to catch them in soul silver, please help!
(this does not include shiny garados at lake of rage)

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You can catch shiny pokemon, but it's very rare (1/8192 chance). Unfortunately there is no PokeRadar in HG/SS so there is no way to increase chances. You'll just have to hope you stumble across one sooner or later.

You get the red Gyarados, of course ;)

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If you want to breed for a shiny Pokemon, breed your Pokemon with a Pokemon from another country (GTS) this increases your chance of getting a shiny to something like: 1/2100.

I got this information from Serebii or Marriland or somewhere alike, I believe it's only superstition but when breeding with foreign Pokemon parents more foreign offspring have been found. Maybe they have magic Pokesemen?

nope, its true
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Yes, you can catch 'em in any game. Higher chance on DPP 'cause of the Poke Radar.