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Did any moves throughout the Generation get: Stronger, Weaker, More/less Accurate, more PP, or changed type?
And did any types change what they are effective against(I heard that Poison used to be strong against bug, are there any others?)

type changes with super effectiveness are here http://pokemondb.net/type not the moves
Gust went from a Normal Type move to a flying type move but thats the only one i know of

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I guess I'll answer...

Generation I to Generation II
Bug super effective against Poison-> Bug not very effective effective against Poison
Bug normal effective against Ghost-> Bug not very effective against Ghost
Poison super effective against Bug-> Poison normal effective Ghost
Ghost no effect against Psychic-> Ghost super effective against Psychic
Ice normal effective against Fire-> Ice not very effective against Fire
Blizzard 90% accuracy-> 70% accuracy
Rock Throw 65% accuracy-> 90% accuracy
Dig 100 base power->60 base power
Double Edge 100 base power-> 120 base power
Explosion 170 base power->250 base power
Selfdestruct 130 base power-> 200 base power
Wing Attack 35 base power-> 60 base power
Karate Chop Normal type->Fighting type
Sand Attack Normal type-> Ground type
Bite Normal type-> Dark type
Gust Normal type-> Flying type
Bite Physical-> Special
Roar 0 priority-> -1
Whirlwind 0 priority->-1

Generation II to Generation III
Roar -1 priority-> -5
Whirlwind -1 priority-> -5
Vital Throw priority 0->-1

Generation III to Generation IV
Flash 70 accuracy->100 accuracy
Hypnosis 60 accuracy->70 accuracy(DP only)
Disable 55 accuracy-> 80 accuracy
Dig 60 base power-> 80 base power
Dive 60 base power->80 base power
Fly 70 base power-> 90 base power
Hi Jump Kick 85 base power-> 100 base power
Jump Kick 70 accuracy-> 85 base power
Leaf Blade 70 base power-> 90 base power
Outrage 90 base power-> 120 base power
Petal Dance 70 base power-> 90 base power
Rock Smash 20 base power-> 40 base power
Zap Cannon 100 base power-> 120 base power
Acid Physical->Special
Aeroblast Physical->Special
Air Cutter Physical->Special
AncientPower Physical->Special
Beat Up Special->Physical
Bite Special->Physical
Blaze Kick Special->Physical
Bullet Seed Special->Physical
Clamp Special->Physical
Crabhammer Special->Physical
Crunch Special->Physical
Dive Special->Physical
Doom Desire Physical->Special
Dragon Claw Special->Physical
Faint Attack Special->Physical
Fire Punch Special->Physical
Flame Wheel Special->Physical
Gust Physical->Special
Hidden Power Physical->Special
Hyper Beam Physical->Special
Hyper Voice Physical->Special
Ice Ball Special->Physical
Ice Punch Special->Physical
Icicle Spear Special->Physical
Knock Off Special->Physical
Leaf Blade Special->Physical
Mud Shot Physical->Special
Mud Sport Physical->Special
Mud-Slap Physical->Special
Needle Arm Special->Physical
Night Shade Physical->Special
Outrage Special->Physical
Pursuit Special->Physical
Razor Leaf Special->Physical
Razor Wind Physical->Special
Sacred Fire Special->Physical
Shadow Ball Physical->Special
Signal Beam Physical->Special
Silver Wind Physical->Special
Sludge Physical->Special
Sludge Bomb Physical->Special
Smog Physical->Special
Snore Physical->Special
SonicBoom Physical->Special
Spark Special->Physical
Spit Up Physical->Special
Swift Physical->Special
Thief Special->Physical
ThunderPunch Special->Physical
Tri Attack Physical->Special
Uproar Physical->Special
Vine Whip Special->Physical
Volt Tackle Special->Physical
Waterfall Special->Physical
Weather Ball Physical->Special
Surf didn't hit ally-> hits ally
Roar -5 priority-> -6 priority
Whirlwind -5 priority-> -6 priority
Bide 0 priority-> 1 priority
Giga Drain 5PP-> 10 PP
Recover 20PP->10 PP

Generation IV to Generation V
Bind 75% accuracy->85% accuracy
Tackle 95%accuracy-> 100% accuracy
Wrap 85%accuracy->90% accuracy
Disable 80%accuracy->100% accuracy
Fire Spin 70%accuracy->85% accuracy
Toxic 85% accuracy->90% accuracy
Clamp 75% accuracy->85% accuracy
Glare 75% accuracy->90% accuracy
Poison Gas 55% accuracy->80% accuracy
Crabhammer 85%accuracy->90% accuracy
Cotton Spore 85%accuracy->100% accuracy
Scary Face 90%accuracy->100% accuracy
Bone Rush 80%accuracy->90% accuracy
Future Sight 90%accuracy->100% accuracy
Whirlpool 70%accuracy->85% accuracy
Sand Tomb 70%accuracy->85% accuracy
Rock Blast 80%accuracy->90% accuracy
Doom Desire 85%accuracy->100% accuracy
Magma Storm 70%accuracy->75% accuracy
Beat Up 10 base power->Variable
Bullet Seed 10 base power->25 base power
Covet 40 base power->60 base power
Doom Desire 120base power->140 base power
Drain Punch 60 base power->75 base power
Feint 50base power->30 base power
Fire Spin 15base power->35 base power
Fury Cutter 10 base power->20 base power
Future Sight 80 base power->100 base power
Giga Drain 60 base power->75 base power
Hi Jump Kick 100base power->130 base power
Icicle Spear 10 base power->25 base power
Jump Kick 85base power->100 base power
Last Resort 130 base power->140 base power
Petal Dance 90 base power->120 base power
Sand Tomb 15 base power->35 base power
Tackle 35 base power->50 base power
Thrash 90 base power->120 base power
Uproar 50 base power->90 base power
Whirlpool 15base power->35
Curse ??? type-> Ghost type
Extremespeed +1 priority->+2 priority
Fake Out +1 priority-> +3 priority
Protect + 3 priority-> +4 priority
Drain Punch 5PP-> 10 PP

This took an hour...
This is a long answer. But that makes it good, as you have so many details! Nice answer!
Thanks Fear!