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I've seen the Super Effective, Effective, etc. below the names of the moves in Sw/Sh. However, I only see it at certain times. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes it isn't. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks!

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If I remember correctly, in Sun and Moon, it only showed type effectiveness if you have the Pokemon in your Pokedex. I don't remember if you had to catch it in order to see the type effectiveness, or if you just had to see the Pokemon, though.
It may be because the move is only 1 time effective so switch isn't showing that. Or it's very early game? Idk
Just guesses

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I think I know what you are talking about.

When you get into a battle with a Pokemon not registered in your dex or one that has not yet been encountered (weather through trainer battle or in the wild), then it won't tell you what's super effective or not very effective under the name of the move. If it's a Pokemon Registered in your dex or one you have encountered before, then it will tell you what's effective.

If your doing some kind of competetive battling (Battle Tower, Online Battle, etc.), It will tell you what's effective whether you have encountered the Pokemon or not.

Source: Experience

I hope I helped

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Thank you so much!