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I found one before but can't find it now. It was a page where you put in your move types, e.g. Grass and Water, and it lists which pokemon you get "not very effective" against.

Grass and Water, for example would list Dragonite, among others.

Like that Pokétch App in DPPt?
Kind of...but specifically listing Pokemon you would have trouble against, rather than just types.
I might make one for the site anyway since whatever one I used before is impossible to find...
Well SMogon and serebii have counters for Pokemon in their Pokemon overviews.
Here im not sure if this is what you're looking for, but try this link. http://pokeds.com/games/movesets.php
Likely not what he is looking for.
Wasn't I the one who suggested Pokemon instead of just types?
Oh, wait, you meant something different.

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Thought I may as well answer this now, because I made my own after asking here.

Pokemon Type Coverage calculator

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If you want something where you can put in the type mix of a Pokémon and get back an effectiveness chart, try this: http://www.psypokes.com/dex/typeanalysis.php