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Please answer :D

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The game, you could just go buy it from game-stop. You could also download a ROM on your computer. Thats what i did to get my emerald

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  1. Your friends. You would be surprised how many people play pokemon and have the older games but don't want them.. That way you can get it for FREE.
  2. GAME STOP- Sometimes gamestop still has the old pokemon games for cheap prices. You might want to check their website first so that you know if the store close to you currently has it.
  3. Ebay, Amazon, etc.
  4. Any other websites that specialize in selling or more specifically selling videogames- (yes, there are supposed to be 2 nets),,
  5. If you haven't found it with any of these options then either your not looking hard enough or your friends aren't pokemon lovers
    Good Luck!
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