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Im deciding to raise an Audino but i already have a lvl80 Blissey which should i train?


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Ok I will do a comparison.

Pros: High HP and decent defenses as well as the classic large normal type movepool.
Cons: Though his Defenses are decent they are not great and even Garchomp has higher overall Bulk, so he will not take very many big hits.

Role: Support or possibly a Calm-mind tank

Pros: Gigantic HP and great S. Defense and boostable S.attack, great movepool, and Great abilities.
Cons: Defense is Pathetic, a strong Physical move will 2KO if not OHKO her.
Role: Wall, Especially Special Wall, Calm-mind tanking is possible, and Support

Overall Blissey is the better choice but remember Blissey is trapped in OU while Audino can be used in UU(The new one) where there is no Blissey or Chansey.

Blissey can get past low defence with counter.
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Definitely the Blissey. Audio will never have the high health of Blissey