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My friend was wanted a cresselia, and you need a completed national pokedex to get it (according to her), but you can't complete the pokedex until you have cresselia in it. I'm not sure what to tell her, so heres my question: how do you get Cresselia?

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first, that is wrong. the true process is:

  1. go to canalave city, and go to the same house you go to iron island from after beating the elite 4. the sailor's son will be sick, and you will go to full moon island for the remedy.
  2. at full moon island, go into the grove that appears, and meet cresselia. after interacting with it, it will fly away, leaving behind the cure.
  3. after curing the son, you can go to iron island again. cresselia will begin wandering around the sinnoh reigon, following the same rules as mesprit. use the tracker app on the poketch to find them.
Thanks! :D
What game is this? Is it platinum?