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What on earth does haxed mean? im kinda new........

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Hax refers to things that are considered cheap, unfair, or kind of like cheating. Bright-powder is considered Hax as it lowers accuracy. Paraflinch (like Jirachi with Iron-head and Thunder wave) is considered Hax because it gives you a pathetic chance of moving. Quick claw is also Hax. Hax is a relative term so it really depends on who you are battling or what website/tiers you are using. Have fun and Happy Hax lol XD

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Hax-Axe-saurous according to Bulbapedia
Hax being to hack(Cut or chop):P
To add on to what Speed freak said, Hax is mainly items/moves that are chance based, which most people don't like. People like to battle with skill, so they will not allow items that have hax.
Yeah I know it is Hack Axe but I was making a Pun :p
Another example of hax would be Serene Grace Hax on Togekiss, Air Slash + T-Wave
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Ooh, nice new username. Death Itself...
That is not really an answer it is more of a comment, I already did mention para-flinch except with Jirachi