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Like here most people say my Togekiss'es role is: Physical Sweeper. What does that mean?? Also what do these mean?

Physical Sweeper
Suicide Sweeper
Bulky Sweeper

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here right from smogon

Physical sweeper - a pokemon with high attack and speed and special sweeper is a pokemon with high sp attack and speed A Pokemon that is meant to take down the opponent's team with sheer power, usually with the Choice Band item or a stat-upper move like Swords Dance.

STAB - if you have a pokemon with a move of same type thats called Same Type Attack Bonus (e.g. conkeldurr with brick break)

Coverage - covers some weaknesses

Suicide sweeper - i think a pokemon with recoil or explosion and final gambit
A lead Pokemon, who usually pack low defenses, that tries to set up entry hazards quickly and prevent opponents from doing the same, usually by Taunt, before dying.

Bulky sweeper - high attack and def or sp attack and sp def
A Pokemon intended to take either physical or special attacks and hit back, but does not have to do so consistently over the entire course of a match.

Para sweeper - i think is a pokemon with high speed and sp attack and attack
A sweeper who uses both physical and special offensive moves to do damage. Mixed sweepers are referred to with the Mix prefix.

D-dancer - a pokemon that uses dragon dance +attack +speed to sweep
A Pokémon that uses the move Dragon Dance. Sometimes people just mean Gyarados and Salamence with this, sometimes they also mean Tyranitar.

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STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus
I think "para sweeper" may be a pokemon that paralyzes then sweeps.
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physical sweeper: a pokemon that is usually faster than other pokemon and has high speed e.g deoxys

special sweeper: same as physical but with high special attack e.g shaymin sky form

stab: a pokemon with the same type as the type of the attack giving a boost, it stands for same type attack bonus

coverage: pokemon with moves that are super effective to many other types e.g the bolt beam combo

suicide sweeper: a sweeper that retains a lot of damage while sweeping e.g life orb,solar power,reckless,final gambit,explosion.

like staraptor with reckless and brave bird of a charizard with solar power and life orb.

bulky sweeper: a pokemon with high def/special def as well as the standard sweeping stats e.g groudon with rock polish.

parasweeper: a pokemon that use's paralysis to reduce the foes speed and sweep. e.g togekiss,honchkrow.

dragon dancer: a pokemon that uses dragon dance to increase it's attack and speed to help it sweep e.g dragonite,fergaligatr

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