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explain with an example for each

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A tank is a Pokemon with attacking and defending abilities.


A sweeper is a role that is the name exactly. It sweeps the Pokemon out of the way, ususally with just a few hits.


A Pokemon with amazing defensive abilities that can stall and help set up.

Physical Sweeper

A sweeper with physical moves and high attack.

Special Sweeper

A sweeper with special moves and high special attack.

Mixed Sweeper

A Pokemon with with good offensive stats and both physical and special moves.


An annoyer basically annoys other Pokemon ie. Substitute with Leech Seed.

Baton Passer

A baton passer is a Pokemon that uses many stat raising moves and uses Baton Pass to switch to a different Pokemon with those boosts still intact.


A cleric is a healer ie. Blissey with Wish.


Just guessing here, but a drainer is a Pokemon that uses moves to drain the other Pokemon's HP to use for itself. Moves would include things like Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, etc.


A Pokemon that sets up moves like spikes and toxic spikes.

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These are all diffrent roles. There is a post of what all that means on this link:


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