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I know it is ridiculously powerful but it has that nasty Draw back. Would Fusion Flare or Searing Shot be better overall? Would him using a T-room set be worth it for using V-create?

how 'bout with a white herb?

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180 base power and 95 acc which would make it 100 with Victory star(ability). But it lowers both defenses and speed. Seriously, with groudon sunlight support and choice scarf, this thing WRECKS! The only problem is the stat drops. Best used with choice move sets to maximize potential.

Other options
Searing shot and fusion flare make great choices instead of V-Create. Searing shot is usually the best option for non-choice sets but Flamethrower is better for doubles and triples. Fusion flare is beaten by flamethrower for the PP.

Basically, Searing shot for singles and non-choice sets, V-Create for choice sets, and flamethrower for doubles and triples.

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After usina V-create, if you defeat your for in a battle, you can swich Victini and bring it back to battle so it's stats will be normal again.

I probably used the preposition incorrectly
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While, as far as i know, Searing shot hits everyone in the field, making it not so good in a double or triple.
Fusion flare has the same pp, power, and accuracy, but without the 30% burn and the multi hit, making it an option.
I would actually prefer flamethrower, but between these moves i would choose searing shot as Doubles/triples are not common.

V-Create might have an awesome Base Power, but the drawbacks are too great for it to be considered a move(unless using it then switching out the next turn).

EDIT: V-Create lowers its defenses and speed to 123-219 Base at lv100, so V-create is not worth it.

Victini can be considered for a T-Room team, but the lowered defenses will make it vulnerable due to it's
4 weaknesses.

Fusion flare has 100 bp while V-Create has 180 bp. Fusion flare is does NOT have the same power
i mean same as searing shot...
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using a brave victini in trick room makes it all worth while......specially since it lowers your speed
just watch out for priority