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Everytime I play AG, I see Mega Rayquaza. But almost all of them are shiny(shiny Rayquaza can't learn V-Create). Are people care about looks that much? Or is there a different reason. Whatever Mega Ray doesn't kill with DA, V-Create does. Is there a particular reason as to why V-Create is so rare on Mega Rayquaza? Is it because Dragon Dance is stealing its spotlight? I'm really confused. V-Create has 180 base power, FFS!

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Honestly I didn't even know Rayquaza could learn V-Create.  I was under the impression that was Victini's Signature Move...
It can only learn it through an event, so it basically is Victini’s signature move.
V-create is event exclusive for both Rayquaza and Victini. Neither learn it more easily than the other.

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To be honest, it probably isn't looks. If you are a high-level competitive player, looks are the least of your worries. There is probably a very small percentage of people like that though. Now that that is out of the way, we can move on. One major reason I can think of why V-Create is rarely used is because of the current state of the Meta. Introductions of Rayquaza, Primals, And Zacian have made the Meta extremely Offensively based. This being said, moved that lower your stats often force switching and can lead to substantial consequences especially if you are forced to switch against one of those Major Threats. With V-Create reducing your Speed, you can only stay in 1 or 2 turns before you have to switch out. Also, even though Primal Kyogre is less common now, it is still common enough to make users wary of using V-Create on a set. This one is a possibility. Now, On many Smogon Sets, V-Create is also exchangeable with Earthquake. Earthquake provides the same coverage as V-Create minus Grass, Bug, and Flying, but also has the Additional coverage of Rock, Poison, And Electric. However, the Bug and Grass are covered by Dragon Ascent. While you lose coverage against things like Ferrothorn, you gain advantages against things like Primal Groudon and Zekrom. Also, usually Dragon/Swords Dance are run on most sets that run Life Orb. These reasons are some I believe why V-Create isn't as oftenly used On M-Rayquaza.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you J!
No problem!
I agrre with you, Jhnfui
Just thought I would say that I prefer Earthquake over V-Create because of no drawbacks, but then again, I am a more conservative player.