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My friend wants to get Hetran, but the guy blocks her from getting to Stark Mountain. Since I don't know, how do you get Hetran?

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have you gotten the national pokedex?

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From Bulbapedia

Stark Mountain (Japanese: ハードマウンテン Hard Mountain) is home to the legendary Pokémon Heatran. The Pokémon is only available on the second time through the mountain, after revisiting Buck's grandfather's house in the Survival Area. Players are required to have Pokémon with Strength and Rock Smash to proceed through the volcano. After encountering their rival, players will find Buck, who will travel with them through the mountain, up to the point where Heatran is encountered.

Basically complete Stark Mountain, then revisiting the place again after talking to Buck, Heatran will be there for you to catch.

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My friend can't get to stark mountain, though...
Has your friend completed the Elite 4 yet and got the National dex? This stuff is post game.
I have tried twice and still no stone or anything... and I really don't want to go again... so if someone could tell **EXACTLY** what steps you do I mean I went to stark mountain got the guy arrested  got out with buck and he returned the stone, Went and talked to buck at the survival place and went back in and no stone or legendary was there.