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Okay, so I was in the Fight Area on Platinum and there are these two guys blocking each path to the Resort Area, Survival Area, and of course, Stark Mountain. One of each pair asks me if I've been to the Battle Frontier, which I have several times, and the other asks me if I have a National Pokedex. Now I know that you have to have filled the Sinnoh Pokedex to get the National on Platinum, but I have a full Sinnoh Pokedex on Diamond and Heatran is in the Sinnoh Pokedex, right by Cresselia. I want to get Heatran, so I have to get to Stark Mountain. But those guys won't let me through to Heatran until I get a National Pokedex, and to get the National Pokedex, I need Heatran, so I need to find a way to get to Stark Mountain, but the guys won't let me through until-Head explodes. Heh, just kidding. But seriously, how do I get through? I also wanna catch those alleged level 100 Magikarp in the Resort Area, so please help!


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Use this: http://pokemonplatinum.net/v2/pokedex/
This will show you where to get see all the Pokemon of the Sinnoh Dex of Platinum.
I think Manaphy is also required. Go to Mr. Backlot's Mansion on the Route between Hearthoma and Pastoria City. In Backlot's room, there is a book. Read it. Manaphy's picture will be shown and will register as seen in your Pokedex.
After completing the Sinnoh Dex, go to Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town. After a long conversation involving Professor Oak, he will then give you the National Dex. Now the guy will let you through.

To catch LV 100 Magikarp, use Super Rod in that lake in Resort Area. There's only a small chance though, as all levels from 1-100 Magikarp are there.

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Actually, I just need Heatran. Well, I need a couple others, but I can't get data on some without a super rod, which again, I need a national Pokedex to get! More paradoxes!
Look at the link I sent you. It tell you where to see all Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex.
Heatrans not in I till after dex so you don't need it
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Heatran is not in the Sinnoh dex (in neither Diamond/Pearl nor Platinum). See our Pokedex page here, there are 210 Pokemon you need.

It's likely that you need to see Manaphy (in the book at Mr Backlot's Mansion) or maybe Rotom, in the TV at the Old Chateau. Or maybe you need to go back and beat some more trainers that you skipped.

It's right before Cresselia, I thought.