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I beat team Galatic and i went to buck's cafe, but Heatran isn't there. How do i get him?

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You go to the Survival Area and find Buck standing in front of the "members only" building. You have to talk to him. Heatran should appear in the cave that the Magma Stone was in.

nope didnt work
Then you either didn't beat Team Galactic or the game was hacked.
wait i have to go in in talk to him or just talk to him on the outside
From the outside.
nope you're wrong i have to go inside and talk to buck
Why ask the question if you knew what to do, to make me look dumb?
no i tried your way so many time so i just decided to walk in and talk to him then go back and it worked
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After getting the national Dex go to stark mountain then the first time you go team galactic should be there then after they arrest the old guy go to the trainer cafe then talk to buck after that go back to stark mountain and Heatran will be in the same place where they arrested the old guy.

You must have beaten the elite 4 Pokemon league, then check your Sinnoh Pokedex and see if it is full.

1.If it is, fly to Professor Rowan's lab and talk to him.

2.In pokemon platinum there should be 210 Pokemon.

3.When you obtain the National Dex, go to Snowpoint City and talk to the guy next to the boat.

4.You'll arrive at the battle grounds and then battle a load of people .

5.When the routes to the Resort Area and other areas are unblocked, head to the mountain.

6.Then beat team galaxy, go through the mountain, go out of it when you've go to the last bit, and finally go out again.

7.Then talk to buck.

8.Go inside again and you'll meat Heatran!

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I also tried and it didn't work