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I have these versions and i was wondering if i can complete the dex.
Diamond, Soulsilver, Platinum, Black, White.
I aloso have two nitendo ds.
my plan is to complete the national dex on White.
I know there are a few event pokemon i might miss out on catching but i will be able to atleast battle someone with it.
So far ive seen 452 out of 649.
do you think this will be enough?

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To complete your Pokedex, you will also need a Nintendo DS lite, and some of the GBA games.
I am sure there are some Pokemon in those games that you will HAVE to migrate.

Also be sure to make sure you have all legendaries (focus mainly on the event legendaries).
You don't need event legendaries to complete the national dex.
well i live in newzealand and most of the gba or gbc that you can buy here dont work and the much older pokemon versions dont save properly.. i dont have a good selection really. can i get mew and mew2 on the versions i have or no?
By completing the Pokedex, I'm always assuming people mean completing the entire thing; sorry.

Well, are Mew and Mewtwo the only ones you're missing?
Mewtwo can be obtained in Soul Silver and Heart Gold in Cerulean Cave.
Mew was an event Pokemon (most recent) for Soul Silver and Heart Gold, so that may be hard for you to get.

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u will need a third gen game to get the regis as the regigigas even for platinum has been long gone
u will also need a hg or a emerald for rayquaza and kyogre

so no u cant complete ur dex with just those games

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Well try getting a 1st and 2nd generation game.

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That doesnt help. A 3rd gen does because you can't transfer from gen 1&2 games.
T___T you  can transfer gen 1 and 2 pokemon to gen 4 and then to gen 5