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I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon soul silver recently, and have been wondering if I can still complete the national dex using only gen 4 games. I do not have an original model DS or a DS Lite, so I wouldn’t be able to migrate any Pokémon from gen 3. Is there any combination of games that I could play to complete the national dex?

You can't get mew and celebi I think. I know there is that celebi thingy but I think its an event.

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Yes, you can. (Sort of/maybe). ThunderClapper is incorrect because you don’t need any mythical Pokémon to complete the Pokédex. However, you do need a friend or another copy of the game and another 3DS because of trade evolutions and to fill in some missing Pokémon in gen 3. (You do need Pokémon from R/S/E to complete the Pokédex, including the starters, legendaries, etc.)

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Yeah it’s been that way since gen 1.
But, your Pokedex is not truly complete until you get the Mythicals.
What do you mean? The Pokédex is complete if you don’t have the mythicals. The professor even gives you a Shiny Charm and everything.
The game may say it's complete, but the player knows what they are missing.
Most players define "completing the Pokedex" as obtaining every Pokemon that isn't event exclusive and existed in that game. You can define it differently if you want; it's just that using different definitions might make communication harder.
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No. You can’t complete the dex because you can’t get, Celebi, Shaymin, Manaphy, Jirachi, Deoxys, Mew, or Arceus. They are events and cannot be obtained in-game.

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