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there are differant groth points for pokemon Erratic - 600,000 EXP
Fast - 800,000 EXP
Medium-Fast - 1,000,000 EXP
Medium-Slow - 1,059,860 EXP
Slow - 1,250,000 EXP
Fluctuating - 1,640,000 EXP -at lv 100

i herd that serviper needs 1,640,000 exp which must takes years to lv up but is there any other pokemon that come under that fluctuating catagory
im guessing zangoose does
and what comes under erratic because that is very quik to lv up (i think shedinja and ninjask do )

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He basically asked for comparison, so this is mot a repeat.

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zangoose erratic :O i thought it was like sevipers partner type thing
3 minutes xD Say, the Hyperlink feature might help you out a bit.
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If you go to above the box where you type text, there should be a little picture of a globe with an arrow below it. It asks for the URL, and you would insert the URL (the URL for the Erratic group would be http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Category:Pok%C3%A9mon_in_the_Erratic_experience_group). Then you have used Hyperlink, hope you get it and can figure the rest out yourself.
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The Erratic experience group, one of the two groups introduced in Generation III, features the lowest level 100 value for experience, at only 600,000 points. Aside from Shieldon, Cranidos, and Finneon's families, all Pokémon in this experience group were introduced in Generation III as well, with most of them being Bug- or Water-types.

>Receiving its name due to the highly erratic experience point requirement to reach the next level from level 68 to level 98, Pokémon in this group level up rather slowly in their lower levels, requiring the most experience to grow from level 1 to level 10 (1800 as compared to 1250 for Slow, the next highest requirement), and increase the rate of their growth at higher levels, requiring the least experience to grow from level 90 to level 100 (108654 points as compared to 216800 for Fast, the next lowest requirement).

>Due to the erraticness of this function, it actually takes fewer experience points to go from level 99 to 100 than it does to go from level 69 to 70.

>For a list of all Pokémon in this group, see Pokemon in the Erratic experience group.