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you can catch mew two get hoen starters off steven
you may have already done this but you can get groudon kyorge rayquaza (you need to get a item from the guy who you meet neer start i think hes called mr pokemon) the legendery birds
latios latias suicune entei rakui(forgot how to spell it) hooh for silver lugia for gold lv70
there is more legends as well i cant remember
you can do rematches with gym leaders
rematches with trainers they get stronger every time
get kanto starters
get shuckle (if you give it somethimng like a oran berry it turns into rare candys i think)
get max trainer card and collect all shiny leafs

lv up to lv 100
sorry it wasnt so desriptive i dont have anothe time to add locations ect

anyone add to that if they want but i think thats about it
i dont think you  can use the rare candy thing anymore
cant you o well
complete pokedex
o yeah :D
thanks a lot. it doesn't matter that you didn't have time, i just needed the basic outline.