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i mean the only things i see good about him is hp and attack.. and a priority move. it is way better off using a rhyperior


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He has a great typing and Ability: Snow Cloak to make a great Hail sweeper. He has AMAZING Attack and HP, and a great movepool. As for Rhyperior, he fits a different role as a Sandstorm sweeper. He does have a double weakness to Water and Grass, but he makes a good partner with a Pokemon with Storm Drain in a double battle. Why? LightningRod absorbs the electric attacks directed at the Water type, and Storm Drain absorbs the Water moves. As for the Grass weakness, well, you'll have to get around that. So yes, both of them are good, but they just fit different weather roles.

thanks. and this is just opinion, which do you think will be more useful competitvely? and i think its better with solid rock for rhyperior
Yes, LightningRod only works with the strategy I mentioned above. Solid Rock allows Rhyperior to sustain Grass and Water moves!
And, I think Rhyperior will serve you better competitively as it has not only great Attack and HP but also Defense to make an awesome tank. Reckless is a good ability too.