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I have five Pokemon in my team already. Cyndaquil is my starter. What is a good moveset for Mamoswine if it is good?

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What are your other 5 Pokemon? Are they all battlers, or do you have a HM slave?
Quilava Lv 35(cut, swift, flame wheel, lava plume)
Ampharos Lv 30(thunder, thundershock, headbutt, flash)
Noctowl Lv 29(shadow ball, fly, confusion, uproar)
Heracross Lv 29(brick break, rock smsh, shadow claw, strength)
Quagsire Lv 29(surf, whirlpool, mud bomb, mud shot)

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  • Incredible Attack stat

  • Ok defenses, being 110 / 80 / 60

  • Meh Special Attack

  • Ok Speed

  • Has access to moves like Thrash, Earthquake and Blizzard

All that said, here's a suggested moveset for your Mamoswine

Mamoswine @Never-Melt Ice (boosts Ice-type STAB)

- Earthquake
- Ice Fang / Avalanche
- Rock Slide / Stone Edge
- Return / Endure / Protect

EDIT: Now that I know the rest of your team, you don't really need Mamoswine. You've already got a ground-type, Quagsire / Noctowl handles the ground-type that Mamoswine does as well, Ampharos handles the Flying-types, and Quilava handles the grass-types.

But if you still want Mamoswine even though the only type it covers that the rest of your team can't is Dragon, then by all means go ahead. Mamoswine is a pretty solid team member.

Hope I helped, and happy playing!

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Why are Endure and Protect good choices?
It was more filler, and sometimes they can be useful
Thank you. By the way i have finished 100 kanto pokedex in fire red without using cheats
i mean leaf green
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Assuming you can trade, Golem and to a lesser extent Steelix are both better Ground types. Their pre-evolutions can be obtained far earlier than Mamoswine, plus they get good STAB and coverage moves without breeding. Nidoking/queen are also both good Ground types that can be obtained before Mamoswine. Lapras is a good Ice type, and is debatably better than Mamoswine as well. It can only be obtained on Fridays, however. Mamoswine can be a pain to evolve, and it doesn't have the best of movepools.

You should really only use Mamoswine if you want a physical Ice type, or don't want another Ground or Ice type. It comes quite late in the Johto part of the game, and all the other Pokemon I mentioned can be obtained earlier (though a Moon Stone may be tricky to come by).

Hope I helped!

I dont have a probe for that. I have a heart scale for it to learn ancient power again.
That's good, but I still recommend one of the other Pokemon I listed first and foremost. Mamoswine works, but it's obtained very late, and it takes a while to bring up to par with the rest of your team.