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Shiny Metagross Level 100
Sassy nature
Clear Body
Exp Points: *-?719104**
Atk. 280
Def. 293
Sp. Atk. 205
Sp. Def. 211
Spd. 149

When I moved it from My Platinum, It had a perfect 1,250,000. What the F*ck is going on here!?


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It could just be a glitch!

One time, on my heartgold,my togipi used transeform on a crocanaw and it transforme. But later, my togipi had the moveset of the guy with a crocanaw. I was really sad cause my moveset was far better then that crocanaw. DARN IT! Right?...

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Togepi cannot learn Transform, and why would a Togepi's set be better than a Croconaw's?
He might be telling the truth- Metronome.
And you misunderstand the question; he said HIS Set was better than the croconaw.
1.)It was meetronome
2.)thanks The Killer Lucario-ps. my togepi's moves were kick...-BUT!...
3.) I'm a girl ;).
P.P.S.) teh-he!
Then you should put your gender in your profile.