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In Battle Subway doubles, I had one Pokemon faint, the other one attack and it had a Life Orb which killed it. after the turn ended I was prompted to send in a new Poke. I selected my first but when I selected my second to send in it would not allow me to. it told me it could not switched. is there any way to circumvent this?


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Switching for Triples and Doubles are different in B/W. You need to switch the order of your party that you want them to appear. Say I had these 4 Pokemon in this order in my party:

Salamence (FNT)
Kingdra (FNT)

You would need to switch Latios with your Salamence in the party menu to proceed.

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K thanks. i have had to reset a grip of times...once on my 48th battle when trying for 49 streak...