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My copy of yellow has this one weird glitch. So whenever I try to withdraw my Pokemon from the computer the game freezes for a minute and then crashes and restarts my GBC. I can't find anything about it online and no one I've talked to has any answers for me. I did buy this copy off of eBay, but the seller didn't say anything about it having any bugs like this. Does anyone out there have any answers for me?

EDIT: This happens no matter what Pokemon I try to withdraw. I did buy this cart from a Chinese seller, so it probably is a fake. Does anyone know how I might try and fix this? Also, thank you for your helpful comments!

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Which Pokemon are you trying to withdraw? Does the freeze happen with all of them, or just some?
It could be a fake cartridge. fake carts are notorious for glitches like this. But Gen 1 in general is too, so it could be legit.

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In Generation I, attempting to withdraw a level 1 Pokémon using the "Medium Slow" growth algorithm will softlock the game.

This is the only glitch that's close to what you described that's listed on my source. I doubt that you have a Level 1 Pokemon, however. Therefore, your cartridge is almost certainly fake, as you see to have already figured out. There isn't a way to fix a fake cartridge, sadly, so your best bet is to simply purchase another copy and see if that works.

Hope I helped!