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I was training a Togepi around the route that comes before Union Cave, and something strange occurred. I sent in Togepi first during a fight with Fisher Ralph (the guy who tells you when Qwilfish is available), and after his Pokemon fainted, the 'mon got EXP as expected, but it skipped a couple levels when reaching level 7 (it was level 5 at first, BTW). Does this mean that, just like in Gen I, Pokemon have the potential to miss moves normally learned at a certain level? (Don't worry, I got Metronome upon levelling up.)

It could have just gotten enough exp to level up twice
Yeah, KRL, but in Gold and Silver, it goes through the levels properly like it does in later gens. In Crystal, it just skips to the level. Is this supposed to happen?

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It's not present.

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Thanks for the confirmation, sumwun. I realize now that it seemingly "skips" levels, but it gets to all the moves it learns through its respective level designation afterwards. For instance, I levelled up a Sentret from Lv. 2 to Lv. 8, then it brought up Sentret wanting to learn Defense Curl, and then Quick Attack because of where each move was located in that Pokémon's learnset.