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In white, I put my Pokemon in a daycare, and them go to the battle subway and ride my bike in circles and leave like that overnight. I need the approx # of steps a bike can take in an hour.

The process would be how many steps a bike takes in a full circle, the amount of time it takes in seconds, divide the number of seconds in an hour by the amount of time it takes to circle it, and multiply that by the numberr of steps, I believe. So all you need to know is the number of steps a bike takes in a full circle.

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I've tested this on a constant run (with no blocks or turns).

With a bike in White, a bike moves about 16-18 steps per second. Therefore:

-> 16-18 steps/sec.
-> 960-1080 steps/min.
-> 57600-64800 steps/hr.

So, seeing that you are just going in a circle, it will take you 57,600-64,800 steps every hour. But, you might spend some time going back to other places such as the battle subway, Pokemon centre, or daycare. Therefore, you are looking at approximately 57,000-64,000 on a normal game-play hour.

Pokemon don't usually take much steps to process an egg, maybe around 150. The average egg steps to hatch is around 4,000. Therefore, taking all variables into consideration, about 15-18 eggs are an average amount to hatch per hour.

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