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I know there are gender specific Pokemon but what is the worst ratio for the non-specific gender types? I know the starter Pokemon are 87.5% male to 12.5% female (7/8 vs 1/8). Is it the male or female that seem to be more common? I so happen to get a female cyndaquil when I started my SoulSilver game.


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You named it right there in the question, 7/8 vs 1/8 is the worst statistically, besides some pokemon only available with one gender

OK, I didn't know if there was anything worse then that.  The other part of the question I still want answered.  Does the Pokemon games favor male or female for random Pokemon?
to answer your question no one can say
The game does NOT favor any specific genders, it is completely based on the ratio.
The game will have some Pokemon that have to be a certain gender, such as a Chansey/Blissey that has to be female.