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My Volcarona:

Volcarona- Heat Rock
? EVs
Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Heat Wave

So here's the 4-11:
It might be my lead, but I will always start with sunny day. The heat rock will keep it going. Then I would use either solar beam or heat wave. If I choose Heat wave, how effective is it? I has a power of 100, add the fire boost, and the sunny day power (If that adds power). So my question is, how effective is heat wave?

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Sure; use Drought - you are losing whole turn! And U-Turn is physical. I would suggest Fire move (I use Fiery Dance), Hurricane/Psychic (bye bye Fightings which like to use Rock moves), Quiver Dance and SolarBeam for a sun team
OH! so that's why a lot of volcarona know hurricane
never thought of that
Remember about commenting on old Qs ;D
what defines an old question exactly?