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I gave it 10 Carboses, and I used it to faint 109 Basculin. Does that mean I have 318 Speed EVs? Or do I have 252 Speed Evs? Because I thought that you couldn't have more than 252 Evs per stat. Help please....

I didn't EV train it for any other stats yet.


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You have 255 Speed EVs. You cannot have more than 255 EVs in a stat.

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So I did all that work for nothing??? :( How do I get it down to 252 EVs?
EV reducing Berries.
Which currently are not relased
They are. Via Dream World.
I didnt think they were, this sounds good. Last time i checked they werent.
I can't access the Dream World because my Wifi isn't compatible with the nintendo system... Then what should I do?
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No, the maximum evs you can have in a stat is 255 although maxing it does nothing in stat change so 252 is optimum. So that means you have 255 speed evs.

Dang. 1 minute. XD