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I understand that some items, some abilities and some moves have priority after the Pokemon attack. (Leftovers, Black Sludge, Shell Bell, Leech Seed, Aqua Ring, Ingrain, Dry Skin, Magma Storm, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, Fire Spin, Clamp, Wrap, etc)
Is there a certain priority for them?
Also, can some put these in priority for me?
Leftovers, Black Sludge, Leech Seed, Ingrain, Whirlpool, Aqua Ring, Ingrain, Dry Skin

Interesting question, although it would take me too long to test. I think that all healing abilities, items, and moves go first instead of damaging items, abilities, and moves because leftovers healing might the the bit that makes you survive leech seed or something.
i dont get the question at all.
Theepicme he Meens like if two Pokemon had items/moves ect like leftovers
Lets say it's the end of the turn between a blissey with leftovers and a ferroseed with ingrain what would activate first and recover hp
Does it matter???
Sometimes you might need to use a recover item before getting hurt by an effect to stop from losing the battle

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Weather damage hits first, then items damage , then abilities heal, then moves damage, then moves heal.
So it's like this
Weather: +5
Items(Damaging): +4
Items(Healing): +3
Abilities: +2
Moves(Damaging): +1
Moves(Healing): Normal
*Leech seed counts as a damaging move.

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What about damaging items? Sticky Barb, Black Sludge.
Lagging tail makes you gO last according to bulbapedia -7
Damage goes before healing.