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I have a ninjask that I'm going to battle my friend with but I need help who pass to
My ninjask uses swords dance with focus sash
It's left on one hp then uses protect then batton pass
That gives the batton pass +2speed raisees and one attack

Now to the question who should I swap to I was thinking of using rhyperior
But the Pokemon needs to no all physical moves and has to have a rock a fight a ice and a grOund regarding a past question I've asked

If the Pokemon has a breed move please tell me what to breed with


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Actually Swords dance boosts Attack by 2. Rhyperior should know only Physical moves. He can learn Ice punch, Stone-edge, Earthquake, and Brick-break, though Megahorn would be a better choice than Brick-break in my opinion. Gallade can learn: Drain-punch/Close-combat/Brick-break, Earthquake, Stone-edge, and Ice-punch.

I'll go with rhyperior thanks but what do I breed with to get ice punch or can it learn avalanch
You use Gen IV move tutor for Ice punch, if you are boosting his speed you do not want Avalanche.