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Mew has a 100 base Speed. How do you get to 236 Speed? Also, how would you do it the other way around? If Mew has a minimum Speed stat without natures was 236, how do you get to 100 base Speed?


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A Pokémon's base stats will most often have the greatest influence over their specific stats at any level. Disregarding individual values, effort values, and Nature, a level 100 Pokémon's stats in Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense will be exactly 5 more than double its base stats in each, while the HP stat will be 110 plus double the base stat (except in the case of Shedinja, whose HP is always 1). -bulbapedia
so basicly if gallade with no evs ivs and nuetral nature its atk would be 125x2 =250+5 =255
hope that helped