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what pokemon has the most evolution in a chain of evolutions (not counting legendarys if there are any evolvable ones.

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umm... the max in any evo chain is three.
Yeah uh the max is 3 and as for movesets they can vary for every pokemon...
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No that's why you don't ask stupid obvious questions but I know your new so don't let this question put you off asking different ones in the future
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well in the beginning of the pokemon series it was probably 4 for example poliwags evolution chain but the largest would be eevee's

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If you mean pokemon that evolve, I believe it would be the eevee-lution.

Found Here opening onto Eevee:http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/eevee

And I'm afraid I can't give you a moveset (because my movesets are pure power). Sorry! :(
And many users would be happier if you looked these kind of questions up yourself: http://pokemondb.net/evolution

Sorry if this is not very useful, but the question is not very clear.

Yeah, what he actually meant was pretty obvious.
THIS is what i ment
Oh, it was unclear, as Rio said.
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The longest chain is 3 and always has been, from the beginning. However with branched evolutions some Pokemon have more. Eevee is the most, with 7 evolutions (8 Pokemon in the chain in total).